ECHO launch CS-352AC

Start fast every time and power through 


// ES-Start for reduced effort starting.

// Auto Choke


Solenoid valve at carburetor controls amount of fuel depending onthe engine temperature.

1. Start the engine easily with no choke lever.

2 Prevents engine flooding

3. More safety when starting   

Starting procedure ( you can skip 4 steps!!)

// Inboard clutch for easy maintenance and easy bar and chainreplacement.

// Side access chain tensioner for quick chainadjustment.

// Automatic clutch-driven oiler to keep chain lubricated and tohold chain oil discharge while idling.

// Inertia type chain brake for safety.

// G-FORCE Engine Air Pre-Cleaner reduces engine exposure to dirtand debris for less maintenance and longer life.

// Precisely designed anti-vibration system for well-controlledvibration level and excellent maneuverability / operator comfort.

// Aero dynamic air passage and dust discharge combined with largecassette type air filter for clean intake of air to the engine.