CS-281 WES and RM-520ES from Turkey

Three years ago, I bought an ECHO brand machine from the dealer shop. The dealer recommended it to me. CS-281 WES was the first tool, I bought from ECHO. I never used any ECHO branded product before, but I was curious and I heard good comments from other users of ECHO chain saw. Mainly the fuel consumption and the light weight were good. I am also very pleased with the great performance offered by its nice size. We are using the machine in very green and rainy area. The name of the area is Karadeniz and here there are lots of forests. Therefore the performance is so important.

I made the right choice by choosing ECHO chain saw and I have been depending on Echo for three years. So, I thought that also my second machine would be an ECHO too. I bought Echo again and I did the right choice one more time. Especially the brushcutter RM 520 ES has an excellent balance and comfort on the shoulder. We can use it for a long time without getting tired. The Engine is starting very easy and it is so powerful machine. My land is very green and therefore we are using the ECHO brushcutter so often in the year.